• Co-headed business transformation effort targeting a 15% reduction ($xxM) in run-rate costs through improved workload / resource alignment, enhanced knowledge management, and establishment of a standardized training academy.
  • Designed, promoted, and executed the start-up of a new function and organization that contributed $1.46B+ USD in signed revenue (TCV) and uncounted margin erosion.
  • Planned and executed delivery transformation activities, moving 1000 employees from a highly custom, account dedicated delivery model to a leveraged factory model.
  • Co-led Cerner service improvement initiative resulting in $220M USD in retained revenue, 39% decrease in requests aging, 20% decrease in incidents aging, and an increase in average systems compliance by 900 bp.
  • Managed $324M USD book of business (TCV) with 36 successful go-lives across multiple clinical applications.
  • Generated $125K USD in upfront program savings, leading to perpetual savings, by creating repeatable processes and designing an innovative, web-based application meta-modeling tool enabling accurate and quick due diligence data collection activities as part of IT and application  transitions.
  • Successfully negotiated contract dispute resulting in $200K USD savings.
  • Authored widely adopted organizational model (roles, responsibilities, functions, competencies, methodologies).
  • Evolved an offshore application support framework driving $1.5M USD in operational savings.


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