How to Secure Your Emails Using Gmail…For Free!

With the increase in security attacks and the rising anxiety this creates among technology users, there are free browser-based plugins that give you the option to send and receive encrypted emails using Gmail.

Most of us have an email encryption option/solution at work. However, a very small number of technology users have an email encryption option/solution for their personal communications.

If we were physically mailing a letter to a family member telling them the spare key to the front door is hidden under the door mat, we might consider different options like sending the letter certified, asking for a return receipt, and/or ensuring the contents of the package/letter. So how do you secure your electronic mail and specifically Gmail?

There are a number of options in the marketplace and one of the biggest reasons users haven’t adopted encrypted email solutions is because of the challenging user experience. It took me 3 minutes to download, install, configure, and send an encrypted email using Mailevelope. If you get a chance, it may be worth checking out.

Remember “Poulsen’s law” which states that information is secure when it costs more to get it than it’s worth. 

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