How to Transition with Success

Free Tips, Tricks, and Tools.

Over the past year I have had several people ask me for a 30-60-90 Day Plan, to better enable them to successfully transition from one company to another. In an effort to help others, I decided to create and publish my own “base” plan and some of my supporting tools/templates. Please feel free to use any of this material as seen fit.

  • 30-60-90 Day Plan – this is a base plan and should be customized to each unique opportunity
  • On-boarding Checklist – basic listing of tasks
  • Team Talent Assessment – template/tool used to assess the talents of team members using the 9 box chart as a guide. This is often used in succession planning
  • Stakeholder Map – template/tool used to help prioritize your relationships and understand the organization

If you have any comments, opinions, tips, tricks, or improvements, please share them with me!

P.S. If you don’t have Microsoft Office and you would like a portable format, send me an email.

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