Back to the ‘Business Case’ Basics

A good business case is nothing new, however, it seems as though some have forgotten to include the six basic components….

1.  Executive Summary (typically written last)
2.  Current Situation (problem as it exists; increased costs, risks, input from SWOT analysis)
3.  Proposal (description of solution)

  • Solution statement
  • Benefits
  • Market analysis
  • Cost to implement (direct costs – material, labor, COGS  &  indirect costs – facilities, overhead, G&A)

4.  Financials (ROI; how and when costs will be recouped)
5.  Conclusion (next steps, implementation plan highlights)
6.  Supporting Materials

Things to consider:

  • Are there business priorities in your organization that link to your project? (e.g. goals, targets, programs, compliance)
  • How can any risks associated with your project be minimized or managed?
  • Add charts and graphs to help strengthen your points to the visual thinkers
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