Will JavaScript surpass Java, C, and C++ as the top programming language in the next five years?

Points to consider:

– JavaScript is no longer just a client-side scripting language (e.g., node.js).
– Node.js (server JavaScript) is used by Dell, Walmart, LinkedIn, Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, and others.
– JavaScript is the primary choice of most web developers.
– More applications are being written for the web and/or mobile devices.
– The number of mobile users continues to rise.
– Apple and Google have exposed JavaScript APIs to their mobile development tool kits.
– The number of intermediate languages that build on JavaScript is on the rise (e.g., CoffeeScript and TypeScript).
– Most PaaS offerings support JavaScript (including Amazon Web Services).
– JavaScript originated from Netscape and was derived from C syntax which was popular in the past.

*Did you know JavaScript is a trademark of Oracle Corporation?

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